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Now, these tables often had a fair few people on them that are just like some of the idiots you get online.The great "Poker is rigged" debate - Collected threads edition:. Is Full Tilt rigged?. Audit of Full Tilt Poker by The Association of Players,.

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Person after BB raises to 900, I have AA, nice, so I flat call and there are 3 more to act after me.

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You can run under EV 10 hands or 100 hands but not thousands.

Online poker room returns nearly $. PokerStars Returns $35k to Victim of High-Stakes. Polk suspected a similar problem with his Full Tilt account.He plays 5 10 stakes and thats the only stakes that he plays.

The bigger donkey the bigger the pots wich means bigger rakes for the site.I know people will always accuse me, and others that complain, of moaning and not being able to take a loss on the chin but I can honestly tell you two things about myself in this situation.Full Tilt Poker has shut out all players from the United States, but business will continue as usual for the rest of the world. After the Department of.I tried online poker a long time ago, already a skeptic since i am a programmer and sure enough i found the first site i played on to be rigged for high pots.I just wanted to let everyone know that Full Tilt Poker is a fixed site. It is fixed, unjust and totally rigged. Loc: pushing YOU off the second nut.

Everyday there is another blog or post about poker stars being rigged.Each one has been preceded by a large withdrawal and each downswing has ended after sufficient deposits have been made.After improving my game bankroll management and making the decision to play purely for profit I spent the last few years killing it at live poker.What you should focus on are the preflop cards in the game and the board cards combined.Maybe FT is rigged? edit:. You think regulatory agents have time to go through 100's of 1000s of lines of code?. In the case of Full Tilt,.If you like a thrill, do some research and do some sports betting, and save poker for home games.I get sick of being online table, and see 10 to 20 blown up flops in a row. 9 players at online table, and not one will notice this.It is true what others have said, take everything you know about poker and forget it.

There are bots playing at every online table that know all the cards and cripple your ability to bluff, you will get called EVERY time you are bluffing by even ace high on flop when you move in, yet when you have a monster made hand, NO ACTION.All you get is a player saying NH after a player wins with a underhand that gets a j,4,5,6,7 board going aginst a KK, and he has a As 8d.NH says a player at table.

Dont make it easy for them to get away with such a standard respond.The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has asked for an independent audit of Absolute Poker over. as "Online poker is rigged" in chat windows of. Full Tilt Poker.Either way its a debate that will always divide opinion, i just read a very interesting topic on a poker community website and watch some of the videos posted by players, and a video released by Poker stars HQ who try and put their side across and i am still non the wiser lol, both arguments seem to have some credibility.Gambling always ends up favoring the casino or the online site.

I was trying to work towards my 5th ring in the Atlantic City room and am one game away from the ring.

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THIS video proves it as one of the few examples but involving a real poker pro.

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A few people who have contributed to the debate are putting together something to present to the poker stars board with a view to getting them to release vital information and data to put and end to all the speculation.Rarely you see people on table winning all the time consistenly.I have won twice while holding pocket aces out of about 30 hands, if I get a third ace someone has 4 of a kind way to often.These are house players who have special access accounts.The servers can also be hacked, and the software you download is often full of trojans so they can see your cards.

Its rigged and anyone that doesnt know this is a complete moron or works for the industry.Ive seen people get it in with AA and get called by big stacks w k3, they even give the AA a set, then proceed to run out a A8245 board.By that I mean your preflop hand strength has no value vs your opponents hands unless you go allin preflop every single time.It is a fucking joke and how can the players who lost millions upon millions combined not sue these bastards.Been playing since 2005 and have thousands in winnings at live tables from Commerce casino to Tunica MS. to Foxwoods.Insider Information: All poker rooms. the 8 reasons people give you why online poker isn’t rigged. All the pros you see at sites like full tilt are just.