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He joined the Signals in 1920 spending some years in India, leaving in 1927 and being recalled in 1939.He had a painting of a woman that he kept in the family home and mum got rid of it after Dad died.Dick Ellis Royal Signals Dick Ellis served with the Royal Signals.I would love to know more about his experiences in Burma, so if anyone has any information it would be greatly received.David Scotland Add to this record. Pte. William Thomas Albert Edward Lewis Royal Corps of Signals My father, William Lewis, never spoke of his war experience and left very little evidence except for his medals, some old photos and his attestation papers.RSM Ernest Ratcliffe Royal Signals Corps My grandfather served in the Royal Corps of Signals during the war.

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Massachusetts Casino Directions. Las Vegas Las Vegas casino resorts have been long known for their entertaining shows, endless casino action and bright lights.They found the house of Mr Klein, who had been the leading farm hand, and they found the house of Herr Johst.

My aunt told me that Alan was missing for some time and my grandparents had accepted he had been killed.I do however have some photos of him from the war on which he wrote where the photos were taken as well as who was in the photo with him so at least I know where he spent the war years.I would love to find out more about him and I wonder if anyone reading this is related to the men mentioned above, I have letters from them to dad and some are very amusing.Frederick John Street Royal Signals Fred Street was my grandfather.If anyone remembers my father I would appreciate hearing from you.Although I never did read the letters while they were both alive I have found pleasure in what they wrote about whilst they were apart for over 3 and a half years.

Cyril Ernest Andre Royal Corps of Signals My grandfather was at Catterick Camp in August 1940 in Squad 378.Their training was updated and the agents would be re-assigned.He was luckier than the victims nearby but I am sure it coloured his whole life what he saw that day.The Wartime Memories Project is the original WW1 and WW2 commemoration website.Timecapsule to preserve stories from other conflicts for future generations.If anyone knows any more information about my Great Grandfather, I would appreciate you getting in touch to discuss him.He was in North Africa, Sicily and Italy including Monte Cassino, finishing in the 7th Armoured Division.Hofuku Maru and another ship (not carrying POWs), dropped out to wait for another convoy.

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He and his wife had codes organised between them which they used in letters.I have a copy of menu card for a re-union held in 1947 for 97 Teleops.Booth (still alive), Leonard Dicks (still alive), Corporal William Bamforth (deceased), James Alfred Drabble (drowned on the ship).If you would like to send us a present, a donation, no matter how small, would be much appreciated, annually we need to raise enough funds to pay for our web hosting or this site will vanish from the web.

916 Official calls in Havana; dinner; to Casino after dinner; 16 JAN at opening of Sixth Pan American Conference 917 President's address well received;.Ronald John Thomas Royal Signals I am trying to find out information on a serviceman, Ronald John Thomas, who I believe was in the Signals Regiment in WW2.

Anthony Boulton Add to this record. Pte. James Alexander Mcgregor Royal Signals (d.11th January 1943) As far as I know my uncle was a driver in the Royal Signals and was blown up in a jeep attack and killed.From then on we swam the beams across the river fastened to bundles of bamboo to keep them afloat.A Panzer division overran his group and they were taken across Europe to a POW camp in Poland, where he spent four years.We are aware of the issue with missing images, this is due to the redesign of the website, images will reappear as soon as the new version of the page is completed, thank you for your patience.This has a Stamp STARS CLASPS dated 15 Nov 1948 with a number 158.As he worked out of the back of a lorry just behind the front line, he sent all the important messages to and from the commanders.

Andrew Coates Add to this record. Sig. Ernest McGowan Royal Signals (d.17th June 1940) My uncle, Ernest McGowan from Glossop in Derbyshire, he was a signalman with the Royal Corps of Signals.

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I have struggled to find any more information as he died in an accident in 1955 when I was only 9 months old.A lucky slot machine player in Calgary enjoyed a long weekend to remember after winning a whopping $2.5 million at Deerfoot Inn & Casino on Monday. Winning exactly $.He told us about a play that the men had put on and the Germans got angry looking for what they thought was a radio.We landed in Fremantle with the clothes we stood up in, our rifles, tin hats, and gas masks and were given a warm welcome by Aussie troops on the wharves and the inevitable group of ladies officiating over cups of tea and sandwiches which we accepted with grateful thanks.They followed the railways lines and came across a concentration camp.I did my initial training at Colchester during the bombing raids of the Battle of Britain.He said he always wanted to go back to India as he did not really appreciate the Taj Mahal and other places he visited at the time and he loved curries.

Henry Campbell (d.24th August 1946) Henry Campbell from Glasgow served with Fitzroy McLean in the Royal Corps of Signals and died in Naples 24th August 1946.Gray Thomas Andrew. Pte. Green Frederick James. Sgt. Guy Jimmy.Our section now comprised one Lieutenant, eleven Wireless Operators and one Maintenance Mechanic as the remainder of the original group had been evacuated from Singapore Island to Java some weeks earlier.Iain Kaczmarek Add to this record. Sigmn. Arnold Varley 97 Tele-Ops Coy.He enlisted in the armed forces at the beginning of World War II.He may have been executed on the forced march from the Russians.I also believe that it was he, who sent the notification of surrender decision by the GOC. back to London before he was captured.We know from records that he left Camp Java for Singapore on 19th May 1944 on one of the renowned Hell Ships.James Archibald Downs Royal Signals My father-in-law, James Downs was a prisoner of Stalag IVb.

He said that what he saw had haunted him his entire life, and that following that they went into the local town and looted the Post Office.Carole Hudon Add to this record. Capt. Thomas George Baker Royal Corps Signals I have every letter my Dad, Tom Baker wrote to my mother during WW11.He enlisted in 1939 at the Barracks of the South Wales Borderers in Brecon, in 1942 he was moved to the Royal Corps of Signals and posted to the 8th army.

He told me next to nothing of the war and he died aged 59, before I was to become interested.He remembers Warspite opening up with her guns, he said you all but leapt off your ship as the shock wave hit your ribcage.Now we know that the troops were used as pawns by the Germans.Joe Maguire attch. 1st Btn Border Rgt., D Coy Royal Corps of Signals I am very interested in Stalag 4B because my dad, Joe Maguire HQ Co., Signals Pltn., att. D Coy., 1st Btn. Border Regt., 1st. Airborne, was in 4B.Alfred Douglas Trant is commemorated on the Brixham 1939 - 1945 War Memorial in Brixham, Devon.We were billeted in what had been the Chilean Embassy just outside the City proper, and while here we received new trucks to replace our worn out Austins, these were brand new American Whites and Macks.In June, Mum received a notification that my dad was in a military hospital in Basingstoke, he had been in hospital in Plymouth and it was hoped that he would soon be moved to a military hospital nearer our home.