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Roberta Walker shared some thoughts on the most recent edition of the Rotarian for Rotary Information.Etienne Perret presented Rotary Information about Every Rotarian Every Year.

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Despite the best efforts of many dedicated West Bay Rotarians, Blizzard Nemo had other plans for our Down the Chute and Chili Challenge events.Knox County Homeless Coalition, Duck Derby, An unexpected gift from Joanne Miller to the KCHC, Graduating Interact Seniors.Mark Masterson talked up the need for sponsors and chowder donations for the September 1 Chowder Challenge of the Windjammer Festival.Tom Chester reported they have been doing the 4-Way Test reading program at the Lincolnville School, and the last day is Monday, May 19 at 8:45a.Many projects are done in conjunction with the Camden Rotary Club.She is scheduled for induction at our March 28, 2013 meeting.

After much discussion, the process was approved to create a satellite club.The club has supported the fixed-wing campaign for a plane, which is still in process, and is also raising funds for a third helicopter to address unmet need.Down the Chute still needs volunteers Friday night, and ticket sales on line are going well.He met his wife at Colby, where they both attended college, and married before their senior year.The Interns have their own blog, which can be visited on the Friends website.The Suicide Prevention class that our District Governor discussed at this visit will take place January 16, 2013 in Rockland.Center would be on Thursday, October 25 at 9:00a, with local dignitaries attending.

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Dates so far are September 26, October 6, and shifts are 9a-11a and 11a-1p, although if people are available on weekdays, contact him and he can arrange other times.Hanover Hosting Poker Run To Support Grey Bruce Eat And Learn Hanover is hosting a motorbike poker run to. 2018. Hanover-Horton defeated Michigan.She was also able to visit 10 different homes of children who have sponsors in the Camden community.Down the Chute is welcoming more volunteers, 3-7, set up at 2p.

We camped at Pirates over New Years and the braking bumps and washboards are out of control these days.Members with pick up trucks are encouraged to volunteer on Saturdays, when deliveries are frequently requested.After sharing a video, Rebekah explained how the program teaches women in college about public leadership skills and encourages them to consider seeking public office.There will also be a Shelter Box display, and volunteers would be welcome to help with that as well.Terry Bregy, chair of the Program Committee, explained how the programs are scheduled for the year.The Walsh History Center - This is located on the 2 nd floor of the Library and is a source for archived newspapers, local history and online services for researching genealogy.

January 22 Graffams will donate 50% of their proceeds from dinner guests between 6-9p to support the trip, and there will be a Contra Dance on February 16 at High Mtn.He thanked the club for excellent participation this year getting the slots filled.One theme of her talk was the great impact that exchange experiences can have on young people.Triple-Nickel Rally Poker Run and Rally, planned for September 13 sign-up will be possible at the next few meetings.She also participated with District 7780 and 7790 current inbound students volunteering at the Common Ground Fair this past weekend in Unity, and a river rafting trip, both of which were lots of fun.Shortly thereafter, they opened their dental office in Rockport.

A display from PAWS animal shelter was on a table at the meeting.Last year they had 102 individuals spend over 10,000 hours volunteering with the organization.May 25 - Duck Derby - still opportunities for business ducks and duck tickets are being sold by each club member with help from Interact.Roberta Walker talked about Polio eradication efforts of Rotary and challenges to reaching their goal and progress to-date.Change buckets are for the Ken Bailey Memorial picnic tables.President Jane is still soliciting members to attend District Conference in May in Bangor.A native of Brooklyn, he completed a 7-year apprenticeship before becoming one of the 78 pilots in New York that assist with the arrivals and departures of 12,000 ships year year.Jane Lafleur continued her discussion about the Rotary Foundation.Lisa Dresser, co chair of membership, explained that the new streamlined process should make sponsoring new members less complicated and more efficient.

Kinda bummed but we have been on the go alot lately with other trips and need some downtime at home to catch up on a few things.Jodie Hansen on behalf of the Town of Lincolnville fuel assistance program.Brett Willard, Program Manager at Merryspring, presented about the organization whose mission is to practice, teach and advocate sound principles of ecology.Before I begin telling you what is all about and why it came into existence it would be important to explain what a Poker Run is for those of you.There are a few cases that occur elsewhere but they appear to be self-limited.After the invocation and introduction of a visiting Rotarian and 3 visitors.Mark Masterson thanked people again for their help with the Chowder Challenge.Nathan Sole, recently returned exchange student to Chile, will speak next week.

Heartland Chapter's Annual fund raiser poker run. Pre-registration here is only by credit/debit cards; Credit/debit cards, checks and cash accepted at the event.

Within a year or so, her mother moved her and their siblings to Florida suddenly, and her parents separated.Lisa Dresser announced that 13 breweries and vineyards and still more volunteers are needed for Down Chute and the Toboggan Nationals.